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BLENDIT LEARNING at Charles Jennings’ presentation of the 70:20:10 model and it’s alignment to business impact


Steve Dineen and Charles Jennings  with Mads Høj Jensen and Peter Simonsen from BLENDIT LEARNING

BLENDIT LEARNING attended last week’s Fuse Networking Soirée in London, where Charles Jennings presented the 70:20:10 model’s  alignment to business impact.

We’ve met with Charles on previous occasions and it was a pleasure to reconnect and discuss learning and knowledge sharing with a capacity like him. Particularly, we discussed how modern learning software and consultancy is absolutely necessary to help large companies leverage and support the (around) 20% of learning that takes place between people, and the 70% that takes place in relation with the actual work.

Many traditional LMS and e-learning vendors talk about how they consider the 70:20:10 model. But if you truly want to leverage the 90% you cannot continue to use tools that were built for formal training, i.e. the 10%. You don’t invent the electric light by attempting to add features to candles.


Charles Jennings presenting and discussing the 70:20:10 model

We definetely share a common agenda of getting companies and people around us to gain much more from their learning activities!! We look forward to many more talks with Charles!