Non-profit organization Ida Institute will engage hearing care professionals worldwide with BLENDIT LEARNING and next generation learning platform Fuse

BLENDIT LEARNING, the Nordic provider of Fuse (Next Generation Learning Platform) announced today that Ida Institute, a non-profit organization specializing in person-centered care in hearing health care, has selected BLENDIT LEARNING and Fuse as their platform for engaging and building knowledge and skills among its 11,000 members worldwide.

The Ida Institute works with hearing care professionals from around the world to develop and integrate person-centered care in hearing rehabilitation. The aim is to develop knowledge and tools to strengthen the counseling process, and to enable people with hearing loss to express their individual needs and preferences and take ownership of their hearing care.

To kick off the development of the new platform, the Ida Institute carried out research among hearing care professionals on their preferences for learning and knowledge sharing.

Ena Nielsen, Associate Director, Ida Institute

“We looked into how hearing care professionals share and find knowledge, and when and where they prefer to learn,” explains Ena Nielsen, Associate Director at Ida Institute. “What we found is that learning occurs mostly after work hours, such as on the couch, on the bus or in the car. The reason why people seek learning is that they have an immediate need or problem to solve, and a majority prefer to receive learning in short bursts and bite-sized.”

“To accommodate these needs, we explored the market for a modern learning system that had to be very strong on mobile, content sharing, and searchable bites-sized content,” adds Ena Nielsen. “In Fuse we believe that we have found a system that can support this, and in BLENDIT LEARNING a learning partner who can help us make it a success.”


Mads Høj Jensen, CEO of BLENDIT LEARNING, says, “We are proud that Ida Institute has selected us for their journey into a modern way of providing learning opportunities to their members, who will be enabled to quickly search, find, collaborate and share knowledge to the benefit of both professionals and their patients.”

Learning Director from BLENDIT LEARNING Peter Simonsen adds, “As a non-profit organization Ida Institute has a strong vision and a clear strategy for the future, and we look forward to helping them reach their goals using 70:20:10 principles of learning and the next generation platform from Fuse”.